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sábado, 16 de agosto de 2014

The West - zombie Narcissus

The West - zombie Narcissus
Tortilla con Sal 

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tortilla con sal, 12th August 2014

For almost a decade now, people in the majority world have increasingly perceived the Western powers as comprising a zombie regime in emphatic decline. In terms of international relations, only its overwhelming military and financial advantage compensate for the West's broad failure to engage successfully with developing global powers like Russia and China. In domestic terms, the West is less and less able to externalize the costs of its peoples' prosperity and freedoms on to the majority world.

In the countries of North America and Europe for most of the 20th Century a de facto domestic imperialist quid pro quo prevailed. The elites made political and economic concessions to their workers, middle classes and minorities in return for general collusion in the imperialist status quo. The classic example of that reality was the French Communist Party's vote for "special powers" to the French colonial authorities during the Algerian War. Now, those days of relatively easy prosperity are gone and the undying class war camouflaged for so long in the West is out in the open once again.

In political terms, Western Europe and North America are likely to experience an accelerating regression back to the kinds of conflicts Europe experienced in 1848. One measure of that reality is the impossibility, for the moment, of enlisting European populations as cannon fodder in their governments' overseas wars of neocolonial aggression. Even the United States has been forced to resort to the practice of ancient Carthage, employing mercenaries and allied proxies to fight its wars against Libya, Syria and Novorossiya.

For sheer disingenuous evil, the Western elites have no contenders. Over the last decade they and their allies have devastated Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria, killing hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions, certainly leaving many millions of injured and displaced people. For decades, while attacking other regimes for alleged abuses of human rights, they and their propaganda media have supported Israel's genocidal policies against the people of Palestine. Now they support openly neo-Nazi forces engaged in ethnic cleansing in Novorossiya.

The NATO countries' total inaction against Israel for its long standing genocidal policies against the civilian population in Gaza indicates the deep cynicism of the Western governments' pretexts for their recent interventions in Libya, Syria and Ukraine. In the most categorical way, it confirms the malevolence of the United States and European elites and the emptiness of their slogans about freedom, democracy and human rights. Intensifying Western military agression overseas mirrors deepening economic and political repression domestically.

Self-evidently, NATO country expansionism and domestic repression respond to their countries' relative economic decline. While the unprecedented transfer of wealth to US and European Union corporate elites after 2008 has stabilized their corrupt financial system, the accompanying policies deliberately lower their peoples' standard of living. The Western elites now apply to their own nations the same brutal structural adjustment policies used for decades to extort wealth from their countries' former colonies.

That is why it is incorrect to compare Israel's zionist authorities with the government of Nazi Germany. As the French writer Simone Weil pointed out, the Nazis essentially applied to Europe itself the same genocidal barbarism practiced by the European colonial powers in Africa and Asia. Israel fully merits its association with the European Union precisely because it is a barbaric genocidal colonialist settler State, albeit at an earlier stage of development than its major European partners.

The massacres in Gaza highlight a fundamentally perverse aspect of the slowly intensifying world crisis in the way the motif of religious faith has been abused and exploited. Israeli propagandists assert the fundamental good faith of Israel based on its existence as a Jewish State. But the genocidal practice of Israel's zionist leaders has always been the antitheis of Jewish religious teaching, which is based on a love of justice and the advocacy and practice of solidarity. In that regard, the zionists may well have served as the model for the NATO countries' takfiri terrorist allies and proxies in Lebanon, Syria and Iraq.

Takfiri terrorist ideologues abuse and distort Islam to try and justify their fighters' savage atrocities from Central Asia to West Africa. Their brutal mass violations of fundamental humanitarian norms are the very negation of Islam, just as zionist massacres and land theft are the negation of Judaism. So it is far from accidental that the Saudi Arabian monarchy, fanatical advocates of the bigoted Wahhabi travesty of Islam, should be on friendly terms with the cynical fascist government of Israel's colonialist settler State.

Western governments and their corporate and alternative media also exploit this religious angle, tending to preen themselves on their liberal moral superiority. In fact, all those governments and their corporate and alternative media share with the Arab terrorist extremists and their barbaric Israeli colonialist counterparts a perverse humbug self-righteousness. As events in Libya in particular through 2011 demonstrated beyond argument, they all manipulate their narcissistic, fake-righteous self-image to justify or excuse savage humanitarian abuse and cruel terrorist violence.

In 2011, the Libyan and Syrian governments defended their legitimate use of armed force against minority armed uprisings backed by foreign powers aimed at regime change. Western governments and political opinion across the board wrongly dismissed those arguments out of hand. Finally, those arguments have been all too clearly borne out. Even so, Western governments now use exactly the same arguments they previously dismissed to defend genocidal repression by the Ukraine authorities against what really was originally a peaceful political movement protesting against the spurious Kiev regime's racist policies against Russian-speaking minorities.

In another example of these disgraceful double standards ITAR-TASS recently reported US government spokesperson Jen Psaki as saying “ 'Well, we are deeply concerned by Russia’s plan to conduct a large military aviation exercise this week in areas bordering Ukraine.....Exercises of this kind are provocative and only serve to escalate tensions,' she added addressing a daily press briefing in Washington." In fact, the Russian manoeuvres were hundreds of kilometres from the Ukraine frontier. But, in any case, the US ignores precisely that argument when advanced by North Korea to condemn regular extremely menacing military exercises right on its frontiers by the United States and its regional allies.

NATO country governments and media and their neocolonial progressive counterparts have repeatedly used this kind of crude but very effective propaganda media campaign from Serbia, to Afghanistan, to Iraq, reaching a frenzy of activity in 2011 against Ivory Coast, Libya and Syria. Now, over Ukraine, the NATO powers are slowly ratcheting up a ruthless campaign of diplomatic, economic and military aggression against Russia. The NATO propaganda apparatus is going all out to demonize Russia and its political leadership. No effective political opposition exists in North America and Europe able to reverse either their oligarchies' ruthless aggression overseas or their repressive political and economic policies at home.

Primarily, it is Russia and China and their regional allies in west and central Asia and in Latin America that have the will, the motive and the resources to resist the Western corporate elites' campaign to brake the decline of their global power. In the name of freedom and democracy, trying to defer what looks like inevitable strategic defeat, the zombie Western oligarchies will continue facilitating and committing horrific crimes against humanity around the world, as they have always done. The only uncertainty after Novorossiya is where NATO country expansionism will strike next.

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